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Yay! I voted!

And for some reason, Philly had a question on the ballot asking if we wanted there to be a clause that City contracts can't discriminate based on race, national origin, age, sexual orientation, ancestry, gender identity, or disability. Hooray for progress!

On the other hand, why doesn't Philly already have a nondiscrimination clause?
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Because stupid people force things that should be common knowledge to a vote because, "OMG!! They GAYS are going to take over if we don't discriminate!" and "You're taking away my rights by giving 'special status' to other people without giving me a say by putting it on the ballot!"
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Now see, in my state, we had something similar worded similarly to that on the ballot, but it was aimed at ending affirmative action!
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Because then people would vote for what they actually support?